About LUC Education Group

LUC Education Group is an international bilingual education group focusing on Bilingual Early Years Education. With access to a wide range of international teaching resources and international academic research and teaching teams, LUC Education group aims to nurture the core values of children so they will possess the qualities that will ensure their success in the globalized world in the 21st century.

LUC Education Group currently has;

The Little Urban Center (LUC) uses the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and the UK National Curriculum for Year 1 and is tailored to target international families in China or Chinese families with an international outlook. LUC provides a healthy, safe and stimulating environ- ment where children can be immersed in a balanced bilingual curriculum and develop a global mindset.

FGA Future Grow Academy builds on LUC’s base by combining CALTECH STEM and Art into the EYFS and Year 1 curriculum to further enhance and develop the skills and attributes needed in the future to become successful, well rounded global citizens of the future.

“Global Views, Global Minds“ this is our education philosophy. We strive to provide the best bilingual environment for preschool children and develop the whole child by providing opportunities for social devel- opment and critical thinking.

Our schools are a child’s second home, our staff create a nurturing and caring environment so that children feel happy, safe and secure to be able to develop import- ant qualities such as problem solving skills, apprecia- tion for different cultures, compassion, and become lifelong learners.

The future starts here!