Mission – What we do

At LUC we promote and nurture:
- High standards of education and a supportive environment
- Confident and happy lifelong learners
- Well rounded global citizens
The mission is supported by the four LUC cornerstones that governs and informs our teaching and decision making; students at the core, fully immersed bilingual environment, project/theme – based learning and ‘Global Views, Global Minds.’

Vision – Where we are going

LUC will strive to build a reputation for excellence with an emphasis on inclusion, outstanding teaching, academic achievement, teamwork and leadership. Regardless of nationality, gender, age, ability, social status or family structure, our vision is to ensure each child is able to participate in all aspects of learning and feel respected and safe. Students will be the focal point of all endeavours in a school that is filled with discovery, exploration, excitement and enthusiastic hands on learning.